Women’s Health Services

El Centro de Corazón provides high quality, compassionate women’s health services at its Magnolia Health Center. For a list of specific women’s health services offered, please see below. We take pride in being able to serve our community, and we hope you will consider joining us as a patient!

Services Include:

• Prenatal care
• Postpartum care
• Well woman exams
• Pelvic ultrasounds
• 20-week anatomy scans
• Colposcopies
• Cryotherapy
• LEEP procedures
• Endometrial biopsies
• Testing for STI’s
• Pregnancy testing
• Family planning including insertion and removal of Long Acting Reversible Contraception devices such as IUDs and implants
• Screenings for premenstrual syndrome and menopause
• Referrals for mammograms and genetic counseling
• Male newborn circumcisions
• Infertility evaluation
• Treatment of routine gynecological issues and disorders
• Treatment of incontinence and other pelvic floor disorders

Centering Groups

El Centro has expanded its continuum of care and now offers:

CenteringPregnancy® – Group prenatal care, bilingual group educational sessions, and social support

CenteringParenting® – Well-child care in a group, parenting education, and self-care activities