El Centro partners with Buffalo Bayou to increase physical activity and outdoor education

From our Wellness Team

El Centro de Corazón (https://www.elcentrodecorazon.org/) (El Centro) joined forces with Buffalo Bayou Partnership (https://buffalobayou.org/) to deliver Wellness Walks to patients and other community members. This partnership aims to increase physical activity and community involvement as well as participants can learn about nature and familiarize themselves with the history of Houston’s East End. As the summer months conclude, the partnership will extend into the fall months, with Wellness Walks continuing to occur on Saturday, September 24th, and Saturday, October 22nd.

The guided walks usually last an hour from 8:30 am to 9:30 am, where participants are typically given a history of Yolanda Black Navarro Park (https://buffalobayou.org/visit/destination/buffalo-bend-nature-park/) , along with other tips from Buffalo Bayou Partnership. El Centro encourages patients and their families to participate, including patients with health conditions such as high blood pressure and those families with children.

Recently, El Centro assisted Buffalo Bayou with their Summer Species Series and hosted a gardening event after kids observed bees and learned about the role of bees in a colony, how honey is produced, and the life span of bees. El Centro provided hands-on education to children to create grow kits with specific pollinator seeds to start their home garden.