El Centro’s CenteringPregnancy® Program is a comprehensive prenatal program, which includes medical care and regular health assessments, bilingual group educational sessions, and support in the areas of nutrition and behavioral health. CenteringPregnancy® brings together women due around the same time for their care with the goal of improving health outcomes, encouraging self-care, increasing self-confidence, increasing time with their provider, and promoting prenatal education. Studies show CenteringPregnancy® decreases the rate of preterm and low weight babies, increases breastfeeding rates, and leads to better pregnancy spacing.

CenteringParenting® brings together 6-8 moms, partners, support people, and their same-age infants in community with their healthcare providers and other parents. Each CenteringParenting® visit includes individual well-child health assessment, immunizations, and developmental screenings. Parents also track their baby’s growth and oral health. Additionally, moms assess their own health goals and address topics such as stress management, nutrition and weight, and family planning.

  • Individual well-child health assessments
  • Developmental screenings
  • Bilingual Group Education Support

Watch this video to learn more about CenteringPregnancy® & CenteringParenting®