Daniela Ovadia, MD is a Board Certified Pediatrician at El Centro de Corazón.

I chose my career in medicine because I was driven to serve those most in need—especially families and their little onesI live out this dream every day as a Board-Certified Pediatrician at El Centro de Corazón. 

One of the first patients I saw at El Centro was a young boy from Honduras. During the exam, he shared that he and his family had not eaten in two days. Reaching out to those close to me, I was able to collect food to give the family and immediately address their need.  

This experience sparked my passion for assisting our patients who are suffering from food insecurity, which is a lack of available financial resources for food at the household level. 

Today, El Centro stocks an emergency pantry at our John S. Dunn Health Centerthat has food but also necessities like diapers and baby formula. We screen families for food insecurity and those identified as positive are given food to take home before they leave our clinic. 

Health happens in our clinics, but health also happens in neighborhoods and our patients’ homes. Addressing social determinants like food access all plays into setting our patients up for healthier futures.  


Dr. Daniela Ovadia, MD
Board Certified Pediatrician 

This December, El Centro de Corazón is highlighting how our staff grow resilient futures every day for our patients. Explore how our commitment to the health of our patients extends beyond our health center doors, because we know health happens in neighborhoods.