Bianca Gaytan is the Wellness Program Coordinator at El Centro de Corazón.

As a child, I saw the negative implications that poor food choices could have on people close to me. That experience inspired me to pursue a career in nutrition. 

Today, I am the Wellness Program Coordinator at El Centro de Corazón.I chose this line of work to make a difference in the lives of people who mirrored my eating habits growing up, knowing that they, too, could face a myriad of health complications. 

Every day at work I let patients know that they can be champions of their health, given the right tools, because health isn’t just affected by poor food choices. It encompasses peoples’ ability to access healthy foods, systemic health equity, knowledge of nutrition, and much more. 

During COVID-19, I have become the champion of setting patients up with a virtual appointment and teaching them how to use the My Chart app. This allows them to easily navigate their COVID-19 test results, but also emphasizes that telehealth appointments are convenient and will play a critical role in the future of medicine.


Bianca Gaytan
Wellness Program Coordinator

This December, El Centro de Corazón is highlighting how our staff grow resilient futures every day for our patients. Explore how our commitment to the health of our patients extends beyond our health center doors, because we know health happens in neighborhoods.